About Us


Since 1991, GOLDSAN has been exporting EDM machines to 34 countries in the world. Our machines are used for the production of dies and molds and other various applications which cannot be produced by standard machining methods.

Any company that wants to become the industry leader must be committed to the highest quality standards. For GOLDSAN, this commitment does not stop at sales but applies equally to providing advice and support, training, parts and service. Being friends with our clients and helping them to succeed in their business is our consistent culture.

As a machinery manufacturer, GOLDSAN has invested considerable amount of resources in R&Ds and production facilities. After years of efforts, we have a complete assemble system for all machine components and we are able to produce high precision and high performance CNC Milling Machines, CNC Vertical Machine Centers and Electron Discharge Machines. It is our highest aim that we continuously serve our customers' demand by offering the most advanced machines.